How To

Download our Android or iOS app and enter your numbers. Winning numbers released every week. It's that easy.

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1. Download our App and create your account

Download our iOS or Android app and create an account. You can find information about our current jackpot and previous jackpots.

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2. Answer our Trivia Quesions

Answer up to 3 trivia questions to get up to 4 entries. We believe this is a fun way to get more chances to win and rewards learning. Then select 4 numbers for each entry (bewteen 0 and 9) and then submit them.

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3. Come back when winning numbers are released

Our numbers are actually already selected and posted before our lottery begins. However, they are encrypted so are not known (this also lets anyone who wishes to verify the numbers do so when the decryption key is released). The numbers will be released and you can see if you matched the 4 numbers. If you did - Congratulations you are a winner and will receive your portion of the jackpot through Venmo (for verification purposes).

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